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We provide expert guidance on change strategy and practical toolkits for agile working and collaboration.

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The rate of change can feel overwhelming. 

Agencies are responding to the challenge, but there is a limit to how much can be achieved if only looking at efficiencies. Transformational change techniques help you build a different way of working, one that gives you the capacity and capability to deliver better value to your clients consistently and profitably.

If you are a successful innovative start-up we help you handle growth without losing what made you special. If you are a large agency, we replace out of date processes and systems.

We can turn you from fragile to agile

Change Agents

Change is constant

Innovation agents: helping when change threatens to be overwhelming

* AAR 2014

Ideas are not enough. 

Clients need innovation

Innovation Agents

The Fairy Godmother Question

Innovation agents: the fairy godmother

Advertisers were asked if they had one wish*, what would it be?

Top of the list was a desire for more innovation from their agencies.  

Agencies have embraced new channels and technologies successfully. 

But the way they work is not releasing their full potential. 

Agencies are creatively supreme, but structurally fragile.

The old ways of working are stopping maximum value and innovation getting to their clients. 

Bags of money

71% of advertisers said agencies appeared to value new business over existing relationships*

Winning new business is expensive and time consuming but you are over-dependent on that pipeline because you are not getting the anticipated growth from previous wins.  Both sides blame each other, but often it’s because the client doesn’t get what they think they have bought.

* AAR 2014

Growth Agents

If only you could bottle your pitch-winning formula? The new client buys an empowered, collaborative, boundary-less team. They are totally focussed on solving their problem, and fast. Think war rooms and pizza. 

They kick ass!

Client buys

Agency delivers

Once a win is ‘transitioned’ into business as usual it is forced into existing processes and structures - the team loses some of its decision making power and the client feels the account team it once loved are simply gatekeepers, slowing them down and keeping them distant from the real thinking.

The collaborative and agile pitch team
The usual silos

Agility at scale is the only game in town

Become the disruptor

Jumping the gap to do better differently

Do better differently

27th February, 8.30am

Publicis London

People Innovation - the secret of Agency growth

Capability Agents

Part of the breakfast series 'Modern ways to grow an Agency' hosted by The Art of New Business. 

Your people are your biggest cost - be disruptive and turn them into your biggest asset

1st March 9am - 1pm

IPA, London

AAR Seminar: Delivering change in Agencies

Capability Agents

Advertisers need answers faster, better and cheaper - so unless agencies can disrupt the old ways of working, they will lose the opportunity to grow. Progress is no longer linear: it is complex and, by default, unpredictable. This seminar will present techniques to help you de-risk change in your business. We will use successful models from the world of organisation design and best principles from the discipline of change management to help you prototype some new ways of working.

Get a list of useful articles and a free tool from our agile toolkit

Capability Agents

New entrants into the marketing services sector are eating up budget from advertisers that used to give the lions share to agencies. So what are they doing right? The easy defence is to claim they have the ear of the CEO via IT. That may be the way in, but they must be doing something right to be growing share.  What do brands find appealing about their value proposition and how they work? This session promises to unlock the secrets of the consultants treasure chest, allowing agency leaders to consider what needs to be reframed and what new ways of working might help grow their agency.

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All seminars can be delivered as workshops or bespoke in-house training courses.

Capability Agents

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We can turn you from fragile to agile

Change Agents

You can't predict the future, but you can build an organisation that is in the best possible position to respond.

We have a speedy diagnostic that will show your biggest growth opportunities as well as some quick wins.

Lesley Donnelly is a highly respected Change Consultant, having led change programmes at organisations such as Tesco, DWP and Jaguar whilst at CapGemini, as well as being Head of Consulting at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. Prior to becoming a Management Consultant, she worked on both client and agency side on such businesses as American Express, Air France and Vauxhall Motors. Lesley holds a CIPD Masters level qualification in Organisation Design and Development, and brings an outside perspective of how other sectors have adapted to the forces of change.

Change Agent

Lesley Donnelly

Lesley Donnelly: change agent

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